Expertise, professional knowledge of glass blowing techniques and a high degree of industrial automation are the major requirements when working with quartz glass.

At WQE, we are combining the benefits of top quality glassblowers and modern technique to create a final product that satisfies the demanding needs of our customers using a wide range of processing tools and individual knowledge such as

  • surface processing
  • mechanical processing
  • thermal processing
  • laser shaping
  • chemical cleaning

To be able to keep up with our customers’ high quality requests, the final inspection, cleaning and packaging take place in a clean room. Absolute concentration characterises the working atmosphere. With assembly fixtures specially made for each article, the specialists ensure that the products requested by the customer are one hundred percent identical.

On request, we deliver quartz glass from our clean room “ready to install – R.T.I.”.

WONIK Quartz Europe quartz glass products

Our long-standing experience combined with a focus on the highest possible quality makes us the right contact for you.


The satisfaction and trust of our customers are among the most important corporate goals. We rely on our certified integrated management system for this.

Other advantages

Belonging to the WONIK Group not only brings advantages to WQE through the constant exchange of knowledge, but also guarantees security of supply for our customers through the branches around the world.