The trust and satisfaction of our customers are one of our most important corporate goals.

Our customers‘trust and satisfaction are both main goals of our company. To be able to live up to everyone’s requirements, we rely on our certified integrated management system. With an overall concept, we are ensuring our products’ quality based on our quality management system ISO 9001, protect the environment based on our environment management system ISO 14001 and protect our staff with the health and safety management system ISO 45001.

Quartz glass represents a special resource having extraordinary qualities. Following the link, you will find some of them. Here are some technical properties. 

WONIK Quartz Europe quartz glass products

Our long-standing experience combined with a focus on the highest possible quality makes us the right contact for you.


The satisfaction and trust of our customers are among the most important corporate goals. We rely on our certified integrated management system for this.

Other advantages

Belonging to the WONIK Group not only brings advantages to WQE through the constant exchange of knowledge, but also guarantees security of supply for our customers through the branches around the world.