Customized solutions

Due to its special qualities, quartz glass can be used for a variety of applications.

WQE has a longstanding experience in improving or, in close cooperation with our customers, developing quartz glass components right up to entire systems. During those processes, WQE is working together with universities, laboratories, research facilities, engineering consultants and industrial companies.

Those individual improvements and solutions can vary from several pieces like tubes or boards up to whole reactors or systems made out of quartz glass.

WONIK Quartz Europe offer individual quartz glass products

Our long-standing experience combined with a focus on the highest possible quality makes us the right contact for you.


The satisfaction and trust of our customers are among the most important corporate goals. We rely on our certified integrated management system for this.

Other advantages

Belonging to the WONIK Group not only brings advantages to WQE through the constant exchange of knowledge, but also guarantees security of supply for our customers through the branches around the world.